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Spiritual  System setting in the group














Hellinger's settings show that contact with the "knowing field" of the family is available, and through the representatives it is possible to gain access to the hidden dynamics of the family. The representatives are strangers to each other, they do not know each other beforehand, they do not know the family in which they participate. However, during the setting, they begin to experience various impulses, emotions, somatic sensations, attitudes, and aspirations characteristic of the represented people. They may start crying or lie on the floor, they may want to come into contact with someone, their legs may tremble or they may want to turn around, leave, they may feel cold, frozen, heavy, despairing, tense, strong - the feelings present in the family. Representatives, one could say, contain the feelings of the people they represent. The settings therefore allow you to see the real dynamics of the system - the image of the family and its connections. In all families there is some order, rules, and on the one hand they cause many misfortunes and diseases, and on the other hand, when noticed and respected, they can become a source of strength and inner peace.

You can take part in the workshop by working on your own report / problem or you can take part in other people's settings as a representative.

The cost of setting up is the same - regardless of its duration, and the presence of all participants (setters and observers) is obligatory throughout the workshop.

An accompanying and supporting person who has his own setting participates in the workshop for free.


I subject my work to supervision.

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