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"Sisterhood becomes strong when women see each other
                            as equal parts of the whole. "                  

                                            Amie Sams  



The Women's Circles are an ancient practice where the female community came together to sing, dance, work, be together. Today we run ahead, sometimes losing ourselves, but often losing relationships with other women. Can we stay together?  

Let us feel the power and value of the Women's Circles anew, where we can share joy, receive attention, support, motivation to act when we start to give up on ourselves.

Women's Circles is a meeting in truth, experiencing sisterhood. It is a space to develop your femininity, strength, self-worth, intuition ... It is a time of BEING together, experiencing, sharing, supporting.

Depending on the needs, the Circle may also include exercises, meditation, body work, dance, so it is worth bringing comfortable clothes.

Rules during the Circle:

  1. The circle is sacred time, so we are not late or leave early.

  2. A woman holding or calling a circle opens it, talking about the intention of the meeting and reminds us of the rules in force.

  3. The participants take the floor one at a time, speaking one person at a time, holding the object of power. The person who does not have the object of power in his hand remains silent.

  4. The speaker is not interrupted by comments or questions.

  5. We listen with mindfulness and empathy, without judging, we do not give advice.

  6. We only talk about ourselves and our feelings, we do not talk about others, we do not generalize, we do not criticize.

  7. When our turn comes, we don't need to speak, we can silently pass on the object of power.

  8. Everyone is bound by the principle of confidentiality - so that the circle is a safe place. What has been expressed remains in the circle.

  9. If our speech takes a disproportionate amount of time or we break any of the rules, the Summoner has the right to let us know with a silent rattle.

  10. The summoner closes the circle, thanking you for coming. Does not summarize or comment on statements.

“Women's Circles are there to create a safe space for women where they can express whatever is on their mind. Receive attention, empathy, compassion, understanding, reflection, healing, strengthening, support and inspiration for action. The guiding principle of the circle is truth. The ego is put out because the goal here is not to impress or impress someone. The circle is about really sharing yourself. "


Tanna Jakubowicz Mount


PLN 30 (the number of places is limited to 12 people). The guarantee of a place on the circle is a payment of PLN 30 to the account of DOBREGO PORTU: 19 1140 2004 0000 3802 5703 6728 with the note "KRĄG" or by purchasing a ticket at

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