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Please sit down comfortably so that you can indulge in relaxation or meditation in peace. Remember not to listen to the recordings  drive any vehicle, do not operate equipment in the  move or not to perform  activities that  require concentration.

The recordings are for relaxation, relaxation, cleansing of tensions, stress, racing thoughts, strengthening and loving yourself. Pleasant listening.



1. Progressive relaxation training according to Jacobson


The basic element of Progressive Relaxation Training is learning how to tense and relax various muscle groups. We cause tension to finally get relaxation. It is important that you can focus your attention on the sensations of contracting and relaxing your muscles.

Trening relaksacji progresywnej wg JacobIzabela Makowska-Trzeciak
00:00 / 14:16

2. Visualization of a safe place

When you feel your emotions take over, you feel anxious, angry and you are looking for a way to calm down, you can go to your safe place and feel it with all your senses.

Bezpieczne miejsce.mp3Izabela Makowska-Trzeciak
00:00 / 05:05

3.  Meditation - cleansing under a waterfall

You feel  strong stress, tension, are your thoughts chasing another one? Do you need to rest, cleanse yourself? I invite you to the waterfall.

Medytacja - oczyszczenie pod wodospadem.Izabela Makowska-Trzeciak
00:00 / 07:15

4.  Meditation for Women's Day

Medytacja na dzien kobiet2020Izabela Makowska-Trzeciak
00:00 / 09:17

5.  Meditation - inner peace, harmony, balance

Medytacja - spokój wewnętrzny, równowagaIzabela Makowska-Trzeciak
00:00 / 16:29

6.  Meditation - Me for myself. You for yourself.

This meditation will help you as much as it is possible for you to free yourself from the fate and its burden of your loved ones at this moment, so that you can follow your path in your life without taking on what is not yours.

Ja za siebie Ty za siebieIzabela Makowska
00:00 / 08:04
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