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About me

I am a psychotherapist, social educator (University of Gdańsk), public relations specialist - (University of Warsaw), certified Soul Body Fusion® practitioner. I graduated from, among others 4-year Integrative Psychotherapy Study in Krakow, Bert Hellinger's Family Therapy Course at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Personal Development in Warsaw. For 16 years I have been dealing with the Hellinger setting method, which I not only use professionally in working with people, but also experience its positive effects in my development process. I had the pleasure of getting to know Bert Hellinger's way of working live. An important role in the process of my therapeutic and personal development is played by Małgorzata Rajchert-Lewandowska, who was one of the first in Poland to start working with this method. To this day, he continues to develop methodology, following Bert and Sophie Hellinger. Thanks to Małgosia, I was able to develop humility, awareness and following, and open my heart to what appears in my life.  I am also an instructor of Choreotherapy and Art therapy.


I developed my skills in the field of psychotherapy through a series of trainings, workshops, courses, incl. about:

- Basics of psychotherapy - Gdańsk

- Clinical diagnosis: DSM-IV-TR - Krakow

- Short-term psychotherapy, integrating approach - Krakow

- Psychotherapy of anxiety disorders - Krakow

- Integrative psychotherapy of depression - Krakow

- Love relationships - how to conduct psychotherapy so as not to damage them - Krakow

- Clinical hypnosis - basic and advanced training - Krakow

- Psychotherapy of eating disorders - Krakow

- Psychosomatotherapy - basic and advanced training - Krakow

- Crisis intervention towards people at risk of suicide - Tczew

- Study of Counteracting Domestic Violence - Warsaw

- Numerology course with Małgorzata Brzoza - Warsaw

- How to preventively work with a child aged 13-15? - Warsaw
- Psychosexual development of children in preschool and school age - Warsaw

On my path of spiritual development, I had the pleasure to meet, among others with Jonette Crowley, an American teacher, mystic and medium. In my work, I also work with the Soul Body Fusion (SBF) method that Jonette created in order to be able to unite the soul with the body. More about SBF.

I have gained my professional experience in individual and group work with a client / patient, among others In:
- Crisis Intervention Center in Gdańsk,
-The Association of Women's Cooperation - NEEW Polska in Gdańsk,
-City Team for Addiction Prevention and Therapy in Olsztyn,
-Specialist Support Center in Olsztyn,
-The Family Support Center in Biskupiec.

I conducted trainings for specialists in the field of crisis intervention and counteracting domestic violence.  

I have been running a private practice since 2008.

I have been training in the field of help, development and psychotherapy for over 20 years. I have been practicing work in the field of helping people for 16 years.

I fulfill myself by creating new things, I am open to changes, I am fascinated by dance and photography, I enjoy painting, I like meeting people, traveling. I am the mother of Kasia, Igor, Lena and Wiktor.

Examples of situations in which you can get help:  

  • the need for personal and spiritual development

  • family problems (problems in marital and parental relationships),

  • fear for health,

  • relieving labor pain with hypnosis,

  • loss of a loved one (death, divorce / breakup),

  • problems with self-esteem, low self-esteem,

  • domestic violence, violence in a relationship,

  • codependency, ACA,

  • depressive states, postpartum depression,

  • anxiety states (neuroses),

  • eating disorders,

  • deterioration in everyday functioning,

  • difficulties in relationships - in establishing and maintaining contacts, acquaintances, relationships,

  • difficulty expressing emotions

  • willingness to improve relationships with loved ones,

  • crises and personal difficulties,

  • development crises ...

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