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Group therapy through art
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I invite you to  AFTER THE MOVE workshop with the use of choreotherapy and art therapy.

During the workshops, I combine the acquired psychotherapeutic knowledge with work with the body through artistic arts: dance,






In working with clients, but also in my personal life, I also appreciate indirect self-expression. In such situations, we do not have to work on a specific, conscious topic, and the changes take place very deep within us and what was previously hidden may surface. Our bodies record all the events of our life, especially those that were painful, traumatic, and repressed.


Through dance and other artistic forms, we can release what has stopped in them. The changes are felt in the body, mind, and emotions. We experience a kind of release, transformation, purification (catharsis).

Art therapy is a therapeutic technique used all over the world. He heals through art, evoking and transmitting emotions (it gives the possibility of releasing difficult, accumulated emotions, breaking down internal blockages).

We meet in order to MOVE you to change, growth and personal development. I invite you to join the journey, where a lot will happen in you, with you and in the group.


- initiation of the process of change

- increase in creativity

- physical and mental activation

- the development of imagination

- increasing the level of self-esteem

- development of body awareness

- development of awareness of internal states

- developing awareness of emotions, expressing them and dealing with them

- better functioning in a group

- relaxation, relaxation


For whom?

For all adults who want to develop, work in a group, overcome their limitations, go beyond the schemas. For people who want to initiate their REBIRTH in the AFTER GOING group.

No dancing, art or music skills are required.


During one-day workshops (7.5 hours), we work  in modules of about 1.5 hours. 

Lunch break - 1 hour (you can take it with you or order it).

Coffee breaks - 2 times 15 minutes each

Number of people in the group  is limited: up to 12 people,

Place: Harmonium Studio, AL. Marszałka Piłsudskiego 54, Olsztyn


One workshop PLN 220. Paid  before  classes  by purchasing a ticket on the website .

* I reserve the right to cancel or postpone the workshop without giving reasons. In the above case, the amount paid will be returned to the account.  

Chairperson: Izabela Aurelia Makowska, MA

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