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Group psychotherapy

















Initial consultation to the psychotherapeutic group


Before starting work in a psychotherapeutic group, I suggest a consultation meeting to identify your difficulties and expectations. It may also turn out that this form of psychotherapy will not be suitable for you, or you may need a different kind of help than what I can offer. I will then tell you where you can get it. 

A consultation meeting for a psychotherapeutic group lasts up to 50 minutes. Consultation to the group is free.


Group psychotherapy  

Group psychotherapy is an alternative to individual psychotherapy. It is especially recommended for people whose problems are of a social nature (e.g. social phobia, difficulties in interpersonal communication and communication with others), but not only.

In difficult moments of life, the help of other people cannot be overestimated. We need contact with other people, especially when there is no support network, people become apathetic, their condition and well-being deteriorate. Working in a group is used as an effective form of treatment.

Therapeutic groups have a certain number of participants, and meetings are usually held once a week.




A therapeutic group in the field of integrative psychotherapy with the use of soul healing methods, incl. Bert Hellinger's system settings, spontaneous dance, working with the body, meditation, shamanic healing techniques in the rhythms of life.


Minimum 24 group meetings and 2 therapeutic training sessions a year.

Perhaps you feel that you are stuck and for some reason you cannot, cannot or do not know how to take a step forward ...?

Maybe you are after very difficult, traumatic experiences, after which you do not know how to return to your balance?

You're at the point of your life where everything has turned upside down and you don't know what now?

Are you in the process of your development, but you have a lot of questions, thoughts and no one to share it with, talk about your doubts?

If this is the case, then I invite you to work together and on a path in development, in which I will be able to accompany you as a woman, mother of four, as a psychotherapist who is constantly learning and developing, who loves her life, likes to dance, photograph and travel. ..
During meetings, I work on the basis of a group process, focusing on the needs of the group - I usually feel the needs in the group at a deeper level, thanks to which I immediately select the appropriate methods for working with the group.
In my psychotherapeutic practice, I often reached the point where all standard and scientific methods met the wall, and the problem still existed. Hence my search for new methods that bring a solution, and thus the happiness and joy of the client. In my psychotherapeutic work, I integrate methods supporting the body and soul, which I have tested on myself, all in order to lead everyone to healing, self-love, which results in love for other people, for the world.

Who is this group for?

You want to move
💙you are ready to change patterns, behaviors and habits that no longer serve you,
💙 you are brave to delve into yourself
💙 you want to feel love and pass it on to others
💙 you want to finally live in harmony with yourself, be authentic, faithful to yourself, while respecting yourself and others, respecting the views of others
💙 you want to "dissolve" your own and family traumas that affect you
💙 you want to heal yourself ...

Organization of the therapeutic group:


The group is open, which means that new people can join it after prior consultation and individual work.


Participation in the group includes a minimum of 24 meetings and 2 therapeutic training sessions a year



Participation in the classes is preceded by a free consultation and paid individual sessions.


Telephone records: 609 185 843 or messenger.



Participation in the group is PLN 80.00 for each group session.

Payment by cash, bank transfer or card in advance for a month. Due to the nature of group therapy and responsibility for group work, it is advisable to attend each meeting.


Leading the therapeutic group:

Izabela Aurelia Makowska

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