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§1. General provisions



  • Service Provider  - GOOD PORT Izabela Makowska, Worliny 9a, 14-105 Łukta

  • Service  - website run by the Service Provider at:

  • statute  - these regulations for the provision of electronic services by the Service Provider

  • User  - a natural person with full legal capacity who (i) has registered on the Website, or (ii) has made an appointment with a Specialist  using the Patient Portal

  • Expert  - Service Provider's associates who are a doctor / psychologist / therapist  or another person not mentioned above, performing activities in the field of health services, providing health and medical services

  • Registration  - the process of creating an Account on the Website

  • Account  - an entry in the database regarding Users, which allows access to specific Services

  • Service  - provided electronically, consisting in sending and receiving data via public ICT systems at the individual request of the service recipient - the User, without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties

  • Provision of a service by electronic means - performance of a service provided without the simultaneous presence of the parties (at a distance), through the transmission of data at the individual request of the User, sent and received using electronic processing devices, including digital compression and data storage, which is fully transmitted and received or transmitted via a telecommunications network within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 - Telecommunications Law;

  • Product - a service of paid access to specific Materials and Additional Materials in the form of computer files, provided via the Internet by the Author for the User, via the Website.

  • Session via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp - meeting with a psychotherapist remotely via an online connection and using Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

  • Password - a confidential string of alphanumeric characters, known only to the User, necessary for authorized access to the Website and the Products specified by the User when making the first purchase of the Product.

  • Complaint - reporting GOOD PORT Izabela Makowska by the User of a Product defect.

  • Complaint Process - a sequence of actions by the User and GOOD PORT Izabela Makowska aimed at considering the complaint made by the User and, if it is accepted, also removing the defect of the Product.


§2. Rules for using the Website


  1. The Service Provider provides, inter alia, the following Services: 
    - provides a search engine for terms to specialists cooperating with DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska
    - allows you to book an appointment with a specialist cooperating with DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska.

  2. Access to the DOBREGO PORTU website is free of charge

  3. Booking an appointment with a Specialist requires providing the Name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number.

  4. Booking a visit with a Specialist is possible only if the User expressly consent to the processing of the User's personal data on health by the Service Provider (Article 9 (2) (a) of the Regulation 679/2016, the so-called GDPR) and making this data available to the selected Specialist. The Service Provider informs that the lack of consent to the processing of the User's personal data makes it impossible to book a visit via the website

  5. The user can create an account at . In order to register, the User fills in the form on the website, providing the following data: Name, Surname, Telephone number, e-mail address.

  6. Upon registration, the User assigns a password to the account himself, by means of which he will be able to log into the system.

  7. After logging in to the system, the User has the option to register a visit, view the history of scheduled visits (only via and cancel visits (made only via

  8. The Service Provider provides Users with access to their own personal data and enables them to be corrected and supplemented via the account

  9. The User is responsible for the security and confidentiality of his Profile password. The Service Provider is not responsible for unauthorized access to the Account as a result of access to the password by third parties. If it is suspected that the password may be disclosed to third parties, the User undertakes to immediately change the password or contact the Service Provider for this purpose.

  10.   The Service Provider will make every effort to ensure the proper functioning of the Website and provide assistance in solving problems related to its functioning.

  11. Upon placing an order on the Website, the User declares that he acknowledges and fully accepts the terms of these Regulations and undertakes to comply with them. If the User does not agree with the provisions of the Regulations, DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska has the right to refuse the provision of services to the User.

  12. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to change these Regulations, without giving a reason and at any time.

  13. To use the Website, standard devices and software are required, allowing you to browse websites, play audio, and have an e-mail box.

  14. The user may be natural persons with full legal capacity (legal persons or an organizational unit without legal personality).

  15. Users may use the Website only in accordance with applicable law. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to refuse to provide services, delete data or liquidate the order in the event of breaking the law or the provisions of these Regulations by the User.

  16. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to change the date of publication of the material for technical or organizational reasons.

  17. You can make an appointment for an individual session via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp by setting a detailed date and time of the meeting, by sending  to the email address, confirmation of the transfer, according to the key provided when arranging the session.

  18. Through the Website, Users have the option to purchase products in the form of tickets for DOBREGO PORTU events, computer files containing video recordings, or other files.

  19. Orders are processed after DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska receives the payment made via the payment channels available on the Website, to pay the price and any other costs specific to the product. Information about the price and any other costs will always be provided on the website and when placing the order.

  20. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to cancel the order. If the order is canceled by DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska, the contract is deemed not concluded.

  21. Orders can be placed all year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  22. The prices of all Products on the website are gross prices, given in Polish zlotys.

  23. The basic method of delivery for virtual products is shipment to the e-mail address provided in the order, and for physical products, shipment to the postal address provided in the order.

  24. The product will be made available to the User no later than within 48 hours from the receipt of the confirmation of payment by DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska.

  25. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska undertakes to provide the User with a Product free from defects, as described on the website.

  26. The User will be informed about any additional payment obligations related to the main benefit by DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska.

  27. By purchasing a Product (clicking the "add to cart" icon and confirming the order in the "order" tab), the User agrees to the payment related to this Product.

  28. Invoices are issued at the request of the User. In this case, it is necessary to provide the tax identification number and invoice data in accordance with the appropriate form when placing the order

  29. The user agrees to issue an invoice and collect it without having to sign it.


§ 3. Rules for using the purchased Products and Services

  1. All Products and Services made available through the Website, whether paid or free of charge, are protected under the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights.

  2. The User may use the purchased Products and Services for their own use and in accordance with their intended purpose, i.e. play in electronic devices, enter into the memory of a computer or other appropriate devices in order to read the content of the work.

  3. The User may not duplicate, copy or use the Product (in whole or in part) unlawfully. It is forbidden to change the electronic structure of the Product or any other type of modification (e.g. removing security). It is also forbidden to distribute the Product, share or publicly play it.

  4. The User is obliged to ensure that no unauthorized persons use the Products in a manner inconsistent with the law or these Regulations. In the event of detection of such situations, DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska may submit claims in this respect against a known buyer of the product (User), for violation of the rights to a given copy of the Product.

§ 4. Complaints and returns

  1. Any disruptions in the functioning of the Website, comments and suggestions at its address, complaints and complaints should be sent by e-mail to the e-mail address.

  2. In the event that the purchased Product turns out to be defective, in particular, when it does not start or is inconsistent with the description on the website or the Product has not been delivered within the deadline specified in these Regulations, the User may, within 14 days from the purchase, apply to GOOD PORT Izabela Makowska with a complaint.

  3. A user who has concluded a distance contract may withdraw from it without giving reasons by submitting a relevant statement by e-mail within 14 days of concluding the contract. To meet this deadline, it is enough to send a statement before its expiry to the e-mail address:

  4. After the expiry of the 14-day withdrawal period, the User loses the right in question.

  5. In the event of exercising the right to withdraw from the contract, the User is obliged to send a written statement of withdrawal from the contract and the account number to which the funds are to be returned.

  6. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska immediately confirms to the User, by e-mail, the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal from the contract.

  7. In the event of the User withdrawing from the contract, such a contract is considered void. The User loses access to the Product, and the Seller returns the price paid. The return should be made immediately, no later than within 14 days of receiving the declaration of withdrawal from the contract.

  8. The reimbursement will be made in the same way that was used by the User in the original transaction, unless the User expressly indicates otherwise. In any case, the User does not bear the fees related to the reimbursement of the payment.

  9. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska considers complaints within 14 working days of receipt of the complaint, but this period may be extended if the examination of the complaint requires a longer time. The DOBRY PORT will be informed by Izabela Makowska about the resolution of the submitted complaint by means of an e-mail.

  10. In the event of a positive consideration of the complaint, DOBRY PORT, Izabela Makowska shall refund the funds paid as payment for the Product in the form of a transfer to the bank account indicated by the User, within a period not longer than 30 days from the date of receipt of the return form. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to deduct the handling costs.

  11. After a positive consideration of the complaint by DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska, the User undertakes to immediately remove all copies of the Product that the complaint relates to.

  12. It is possible to resign from a paid individual session via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp up to 24 hours before the start of the agreed individual session via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. Canceling a meeting via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp for less than 24 hours is tantamount to a loss of the deposit paid for the session.


§ 5. Invoices

  1. The user accepts invoices received in electronic form.

  2. The user receives invoices in electronic form in the form of a PDF file. To receive an invoice, the User will select "I want to receive an invoice" when placing the order and will provide the invoice details in the appropriate fields of the form.

  3. Duplicates to invoices issued and delivered in electronic form will be accepted in electronic form.

  4. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska collects and processes personal data voluntarily provided by the User via the website

  5. Only the personal data necessary for DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska to provide services to the User and to provide assistance to the User are collected and processed.


§ 6. Exclusion of liability

  1. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska shall not be liable to the User for losses and damages incurred by the user in connection with the use of the website, compliance with the information presented on the Website or contained in the Products in any circumstances, as well as for the consequences taken on this the basis of the decision.

  2. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska does not guarantee that the information sent via the Internet will reach the User in a faultless, complete and complete form.

  3. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska is not liable for damages caused by a malfunction of the transmission system, including equipment failures, delays and disruptions in information transmission, interference by third parties or force majeure.

  4. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to temporarily limit access to the Website (in whole or in part) in order to improve it, maintain it or if it is required for security or other reasons beyond the control of DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska.


§ 7. Final provisions

  1. DOBRY PORT Izabela Makowska reserves the right to change the provisions of the Regulations, with the proviso that contracts concluded before the amendment to the Regulations shall be governed by the version of the Regulations in force at the time of placing the order.

  2. The changes come into force on the day they are published on the website

  3. In the absence of acceptance of the new provisions of the Regulations referred to in paragraph 1, the User has the option to withdraw from their acceptance, which will result in the termination of the contract between the Website and the User.

  4. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Act on the provision of electronic services, the Act on copyright and related rights and the Civil Code shall apply.

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