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Soul Body Fusion (SBF)

Soul Body Fusion is a method  developed by  Jonette Crowley from Denver and is based on the   a process that restores the unity of soul and body.  Usually the frequencies of soul and body are not in tune. This usually happens as a result of trauma, abuse, pain, suffering, regret ...

Maybe  sometimes you feel ungrounded or as if you are  here is not a match? Are you complaining about a low amount of energy, are you sick?


The SBF method makes the  the connection to our own potential is vivid and clear. When we bring awareness into the body, our uniqueness shines through our lives, relationships, and surroundings.  The changes are permanent and endless - permanent because when your cells change to harmonize with the higher aspects of you, they are already staying at that higher frequency. Change is endless because the soul knows no bounds. Thanks to Soul Body Fusion, we not so much achieve our fullness as we remember it and let it exist.

The fusion takes place in pairs - two people sit opposite each other in such a way that the thighs of the person "giving" the session surround the thighs of the "recipient". The subject closes his eyes and places his hands flat on his thighs, inside up. The other person gently rests their fingertips on hers and says the intention aloud. After 10 minutes, you take a short break and then another 10 minutes of your session. This session is repeated after a week and then after 2 weeks (3 sessions in total).

During the session, it is very important to drink plenty of water and not to wander anywhere during the process, to be present at the moment.

When can Soul Body Fusion help you?

When, for example:

- you feel imbalance in your life,

- you are at the crossroads of life,

- you have low self-esteem,

- you have a low level of energy and get sick often,

- you feel unhappy,

- you experience depression,

- you want to experience the fullness,

- you want to gain internal guidance,

- you want to develop your intuition.

I also work  online via Skype, Zoom.

Kiedy może Ci pomóc Soul Body Fusion?

Kiedy np.:

- czujesz brak równowagi w swoim życiu,

- jesteś na życiowym rozstaju dróg,

- masz niskie poczucie własnej wartości,

- masz niski poziom energii i często chorujesz,

- odczuwasz brak szczęścia,

- doświadczasz depresji,

- chcesz doświadczyć pełni,

- chcesz zyskać wewnętrzne prowadzenie,

- pragniesz rozwinąć swoją intuicję.

Pracuję również online via Skype, Zoom.

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