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I run my own personal development workshops based on the acquired knowledge and my own experience.  These types of workshops are aimed at people who  they want to raise the quality of their lives, develop their abilities.  Workshops  inspire to search and discover oneself, give knowledge and practical tips for a more conscious life. Some of them can be a good introduction to your own psychotherapy or the closure of the therapeutic process. Some of the workshops also support the current psychotherapeutic process.

Back to the source.

My inner child - my inner voice.

Many people started their recovery and personal development process with the workshop: Return to the Source. My inner child - my inner voice.

The beginning is where we arise from our parents. When you come into the world, your path begins - perhaps it was difficult, painful, you experienced many wounds, suffering, you lacked love ... Your parents could only give as much as they had at that time. ... maybe you have stayed with all this until today? During the workshop, you have a chance to return to your source, to the source of life, to start your healing process, to heal wounds, in order to live fully.

During the workshop you will look at aspects of your inner child. You will find out who it is, what it is. You will check what are the needs of your inner child and how you can satisfy them. You will start your way to the source - your parents.

Workshop objectives:
- finding ways to satisfy your own needs,
- support for personal development and
  activation of personal resources,
- increasing self-awareness, self-confidence and independence,
- building satisfying relationships with oneself and others,
- being open to love for oneself and others.

I run the workshop with the help of integrative systemic psychotherapy. I use, among others meditation, process work and the New Silent System Settings by Bert Hellinger.

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