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Individual System Setting

I conduct Individual System Settings with the help of meditation and internal images, with the use of cards or figurines, props, or  also me  i am attending as representative with the client in the setting. Choosing a way  individual work, I choose it every time  intuitively, without prior planning.  


This method makes it possible to "see" what is unconscious in the client and in the family system, shows the dynamics and indicates the main cause of the reported problem. This work gives  possibility  initialization  movement of love, and thus healing, order, inner peace ...


Before making your own individual settings, it is helpful to do so beforehand  experience  even as an observer during group setups.  This makes it possible to get acquainted  getting to know the method better, experiencing it and "exercising", which is conducive to greater openness to the knowing field.

The individual setting takes up to 60 minutes.  

I also work online through  Skype, Zoom.


I subject my work to supervision.

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