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"When I started looking closely at the laws that govern success and failure at work and in the profession, and those that operate within companies and organizations, I saw that everything is under the same order."

Bert Hellinger

System settings can  be used to diagnose the problem, as well as to change the organization.


They help  relatively fast  and a deep way to show the sources  crises and indicate ways out of them.  The method is effective for  large and small companies, as well as for its branches / units.  

The setting is aimed at  finding the prevailing system disorder, or  the right to be respected. In the organization, everyone takes their place in the established order. If it is disturbed, they can appear  then conflicts, difficulties in communication between employees, blockages in action occur.


The subject of the settings may include:

- creation, organization and structure of the company

- recognizing developmental blocks in the company

- communication between the cells of the organization,  mediation

- showing different perspectives in the context of a conflict in the company

- obtaining new insights in terms of development,  company organization changes, restructuring, mergers, company transfers as well  when taking important  decisions, ​

In a business setting with external representatives, each setting is "hidden" to protect customer data and  his company. Only the client and therapist know what the setting is about. The representatives do not know who they represent.

The cost of setting up is the same - regardless of its duration.

I subject my work to supervision.

Ustawienia organizacyjne/biznesowe
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