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Way of work

In my work I am guided mainly by my heart which "knows" and feels the most. I teach people to listen to myself, my inner one  voice, contact with intuition and own inner wisdom. I help to return to my own path of life in order to start living for myself, in harmony with myself. Only when a person becomes authentic does he become in his power and strength.

I hold  Circle  for Women in Olsztyn, I conduct meditation in the FB group: Meditations in the Heart Field.

I deal with, among others system settings according to Bert Hellinger, Soul Body Fusion, I conduct individual, couples and group psychotherapy as well as my own personal development workshops.
In my psychotherapeutic work, I integrate, among others psychodynamic, systemic and Ericksonian approach; I use mindfulness techniques and hypnosis, psychosomatotherapy, choreotherapy and art therapy, New Silent System Settings according to Bert Hellinger.

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