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Welcome to GOOD PORT

Izabela Aurelia Makowska, MA


Individual psychotherapy

Prowadzę psychoterapię indywidualną w nurcie integratywnym.

Istnieje także możliwość sesji online.


System settings

The most important element of Bert Hellinger's method is the evocation of the love movement, which for various reasons is stopped.

Hellinger himself at work is guided by love and respect for other people, as well as for their fate. It goes back generations to unleash the flow of love that gives strength to future generations.


T erapy through art

Arteterapia jest techniką terapeutyczną stosowaną na całym świecie. Leczy poprzez sztukę wywołując i przekazując emocje (daje możliwość rozładowania trudnych, skumulowanych emocji, zrzucania wewnętrznych blokad).


Soul Body Fusion (SBF)

"Each of us has a beautiful one  soul, but sometimes we are not able to completely reduce it to the physical body. We live life without taking full advantage of our own light, unable to recall the health, prosperity and well-being that belong to us from birth. "

Jonette Crowley

Way of work

In my work I am guided mainly by my heart which "knows" and feels the most. I teach people to listen to myself, my inner one  voice, contact with intuition and own inner wisdom. I help to return to my own path of life in order to start living for myself, in harmony with myself. Only when a person becomes authentic does he become in his power and strength.

I hold  Circle  for Women in Olsztyn, I conduct meditation in the FB group:

Meditations in the Heart Field.
In my psychotherapeutic work, I integrate, among others psychodynamic, systemic and Ericksonian approach; I use

at work, mindfulness and hypnosis techniques, psychosomatotherapy, choreotherapy and art therapy, New Silent System Settings by Bert Hellinger.

About me

I am a psychotherapist, social educator, public PR specialist. I graduated from, among others 4-year Integrative Psychotherapy Study in Krakow, Bert Hellinger's Family Therapy Course at the Institute of Psychotherapy and Personal Development

in Warsaw. I have completed a number of trainings

in the field of psychotherapy, personal development, improving health and quality of life.

The workshops showed me what problems I have, which I did not realize. They allowed me to see them, but also showed me how to deal with them. now I feel stronger and more harmonized at the same time.


                                              Opinion on the series of workshops: IN CONTACT WITH YOURSELF

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